We are a responsible and respectable Company and follow official guidance, advice and best practice. The following workplace adjustments will be taken, alongside good normal hygiene practices.  We will regularly review and update this policy in order to keep employees and clients safe.

Respecting 2m social distancing

Appointments with potential clients will be via video conferencing software  (WhatsApp,  Zoom, Skype) Where possible, to minimise contact time.

We are not being rude . But , we will not shake hands.

If necessary,  we will remove ourself from the working area, if you (or anyone from your household) needs to be in, or walk through,  the working area- if the 2m social distancing rule cannot be met.

We will provide our own refreshments so as to minimise any contact.

Payment , where possible, to be made by direct transfer.


We will wear appropriate personal protective Equipment  (PPE). These items will be changed during the day , as necessary.  Used items of PPE will be removed from your home and disposed of appropriately.

Work environment

We will keep work area/ room well ventilated-opening windows as necessary.

Where possible we will remove items such as doors and drawers fronts and work on these in our workshop.  This minimises the length of time at your property and maximises our ability to ” Work From Home”.

In the event of illness

We will notify you if any member of our company has Covid-19 symptoms.

You must notify us if you have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 symptoms.

Public Liability Insurance

We are insured for 5 million,  our van and kit are also fully insured,  We can show you copies of the certificates on request.







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