Wallpaper hanger in Northamptonshire

Northampton based painter and decorator Paul Barber is a member of the Wallpaperhangers Guild and has installed hundreds of different types and styles of wallcoverings. He is an expert in wallpapering ceilings, feature walls, niches or stairwells with hand prints, grass cloths, digital murals…

 Specialist wallcoverings – residential

Over the years I have been contracted to hang all types of wallcoverings from right across the spectrum of cost and quality. At the high end, I am familiar with de Gournay, Abbot & Boyd, hand-made wallpapers, grass cloths, silk, foil… right through to traditional anaglypta.

Specialist wallcoverings – commercial

On commercial projects, such as country clubs, hotels and exclusive restaurants,  in addition to some of the luxury wallcoverings mentioned above, I have installed acres of Muraspec wallcoverings, and wide format papers, digital murals and Lincrusta.

I have spent many years perfecting my craft and am passionate about wallpaper hanging. So often I see beautiful wallpapers that have been hung not quite right and I wish I’d been asked! There is an art to handling fabrics and delicate handprints, and selecting the right pastes.

Also trimming selvedges by hand, that is not a readily known skill these days either!

Read my articles on specialist wallpapering

I will be regularly writing articles explaining some of my wallpapering secrets, and showing you recent pieces of work. If you would like to receive an update by email, please subscribe.


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