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Zoffany Contract Width vinyl wallcovering bedroom1

Zoffany Wall Coverings:

Two very nice wall coverings i recently hung in a house in Northampton, Above is the main Bedroom feature wall, this was a contract width vinyl wallcovering, the walls where prepared by making good where required rubbed down and sealed with pva, as the house was only one year old the walls where in good order so did not require cross lining,starting from the centre   of the wall i hung my 1st length and worked into each corner to finish with the same cut each side perfect,as this was a dark back ground wall covering one good tip is to match a crown to the wall covering and run it down the edge of the wallcovering before pasting with the manufacturers recommended adhesive, this stops any chance of white lines on the seams, this paper was pasted on the bench but some wall coverings are hung by pasting the wall and hanging the covering dry.

Zoffany beaded vinyl wallcovering

The Lounge wall covering above was hung in the same method as the Bedroom, but being a beaded vinyl was hung with a felt roller rather then a spatula to stop any damage occurring,  the edges of this wall covering did not require colouring   before hanging.

I have installed hundreds of different types and styles of wall coverings, an expert in wallpapering ceilings, feature walls, niches or stairwells with hand prints, grass cloths, digital murals, silk, foil,  in fact any wall covering you might like hung in your property.

I am the Northamptonshire Member for the Prestigious Wall Paper Hangers Guild and a Member of The City & Guilds institute.Draycote House 010



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