Refurbish Oak Kitchen Furniture Northamptonshire

simpson varnished kitchen furniture.
This is the process I went through to refurbish oak kitchen furniture in my local county of Northamptonshire

Remove damaged natural wood finish

I recently undertook the refurbishment of a 26 year old solid oak kitchen, and it was in quite a bad way.
Over the years it had been marked and scratched and the varnish had worn off in lots of areas, and it was a bit of a challenge as the customer wanted the doors and drawer fronts revarnished and to look like new.

The first job I had was to remove the layers of old wax and polish that had been applied over the years.
I applied Liberon wax & polish remover and rub into the grain with 0000 grade steel wool.

I then repeated the process before cleaning off with clean lint free rag, and cleaning with methylated spirit.

The complete area was then flatted down with 240 grade finishing paper.

Repair damaged natural wood

colron wood dyeThe next step was to fill any knocks and dents with Colron wax filler sticks. I mixed 3 different colours to achieve the right match.

I then applied Colron wood dye to the complete door and drawer areas in English light oak. When this dried there where still some areas that required staining, so I applied Colron wood dye to these areas in Georgian medium oak. It was then rubbed in with the 0000 grade steel wool.

Varnish natural oak kitchen

I was now ready for the last step before revarnishing the kitchen furniture. Time to flat down again, this time with very fine 320 grade finishing paper. I vacuumed off and passed a tack cloth over the surface to remove any remaining dust.

I applied my 1st coat of Albany polyurethane matt varnish.

The final and 2nd coat of matt varnish was then applied after first rubbing down with the 0000 grade steel wool and removing all the dust.


The customer was very pleased with the finished result and said it looked like new again.


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