No ordinary kitchen painter in Blakesley, Northamptonshire

kitchen painter in Blakesley

The colour is the equivalent of Farrow and Ball’s Downpipe

  For top professionals in any field, there is nothing like a challenge. For this particular job the enquiry might just as well have said “No ordinary kitchen painter in Blakesley required.” This was the before shot. unpainted kitchen in Northants My client was the chief engineer for an F1 motor racing team based in Milton Keynes. Silverstone is only a few miles down the road. Working in that field of excellence, clearly they would know a good job when they saw one. It was a good job he called me! I am Traditional Painter for Northants, and it is rumoured that I have been a kitchen painter since the days when Charlie Smallbone was in shorts.

Racy Blakesley

Blakesley is a lovely Northants village just outside Towcester. Built in the 1300’s, Blakesley Hall is the main pad in town. At one point it boasted a miniature railway connecting it to a mainline train station, which went the way of many train stations in the 60’s. The kitchen I was due to paint was in a Northamptonshire stone-built thatched roof property, typical of this area.

How to paint this kitchen?

The kitchen furniture had a very smooth wooden finish, a type of maple, I believe. I specialise in hand painted kitchens, but I am not a one trick pony painter and adapt my specification according to the needs of each job. In this case, I took into account the surface and the professional world that my client works in. We decided on a spray painted finish for the doors and drawer fronts. For practical purposes, the frames and immovable objects would be hand painted.

Won’t sprayed and brushed paint finishes look different?

Not if the testimonial at the end is anything to go by! Seriously, a hand painted finish is my stock in trade on 90% of the kitchens I paint. The quality of the paints and brushes we have access to nowadays has advanced massively the last 10 years. Coupled with my experience, a brushed finish on the frames will lay down very flat and smooth. There are in fact two phrases I hear a lot when we have finished a hand painted kitchen. “I never thought it would look that good“, and “Isn’t it sprayed?” In this case, the second answer would be yes, but not all of it! kitchen painter in Blakesley

Traditional Painter – modern approach

We have been pushing the envelope in kitchen painting for years now. We have more kit than your average joiner! My Traditional Painter colleagues, like neighbour, Richard Willott, we have all the Dustless sanding equipment with different size pads and multiple grade abrasives as standard. I cannot imagine how we ever achieved such good finishes back in the day. The degreasers we use now are way more effective and user friendly than the old sugar soap. The range of synthetic brushes we can choose from now is fantastic. There seems to be almost every size and style handle and bristle selection suitable for any size hand, or type of paint. If you get me talking paint I can take you through the history of some classics, like oil based Permoglaze undercoat or Brolac glosses. I can also tell you that they don’t hold a light to the water based enamels we use nowadays for painting kitchens.

The paint for this kitchen in Blakesley

I used the full Tikkurila specification on the doors and frames. That comprises 2 coats of Otex adhesion primer-undercoat and 2 topcoats of Helmi 30, a satin-matt finish.

Worktops, what about the worktops?

These work tops were in a bit of a state from water marks. In this instance a thorough sanding, “going through the grades” was sufficient. If the water marks run too deep, there are ways to get them out. Oxalic acid aka wood bleach if you are in B&Q, plus patience, is a traditional option. To finish them, we applied Osmo finishing oil to the worktops. Osmo have a good range of wood finishes, worth a look for worktops, floors and doors. paintedcabinets kitchen in Northants

Testimonial for kitchen painter in Blakesley

As you can see from the review a very happy client. Mar 18, 2020 by Richard Wolverson on Paul C Barber Decorations Painted Kitchen
Paul has been working on my kitchen whilst I have been away with work and I cannot believe what a transformation it has made. Upon my return I was in awe and literally stood for 20 minutes just admiring his work. I had all my cabinets/carcasses repainted and the wooden worktops re-stained which has truly transformed a dated looking kitchen into a statement piece. The quality of the painting has to be seen to be appreciated, it looks better than new. Paul kept me up to date with pictures throughout the process and I cannot recommend him highly enough, proper craftsman!
Thanks for reading No ordinary kitchen painter in Blakesley. If I can help with your kitchen project, contact me and I will do my best for you.
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