Hanging Wallcovering To A period Property Staircase In Northamptonshire

Draycote House 010

I recently redecorated a period property in Northamptonshire, it was a spiral design stairs with large hall and landing, 25 rolls of Sanderson wallcovering.

After I had prepared the walls they where sealed with pva  I then cross lined with 1200 grade lining paper, this was hung from the ceiling line down by measuring the width of the lining and drawing a line with a spirit level across the wall.When hanging the finish wall covering to a staircase the Golden Rule is to drop the longest drop first, draw a line down the wall from the ceilng to the stair stringing, measure and cut your first length, paste the back of the wallcovering or paste the wall what ever is recommended by the manufacture, allow to soak if recommended and hang your first length.

You then work from both sides of the wallcovering until you reach the landing and hall and follow on until completed, never leave a wall half completed always finish in a corner or by a door or window surround.


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