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Tom Howley Bespoke Hand Made Kitchens

Tom Howley are a well established bespoke kitchen company with show rooms across the UK. They have an exceptional reputation for creating exquisite kitchen designs that satisfy a variety of lifestyle needs. They have been creating beautiful, functional kitchen designs for many years across the UK.

Refurbishing Tom Howley kitchens across the shires

Paul C Barber & Son have been refurbishing and carrying out the hand painting to bespoke kitchens across the shires for over 30 years. Literally painting 100s including regularly hand painting Tom Howley Bespoke kitchens. In Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire & Buckinghamshire.

Recently completed Tom Howley kitchen in Hertford, Hertfordshire.

Spray finish or hand painted finish

Originally the Tom Howley kitchens would have been completed in a spray finish in there factory, we offer a bespoke hand painted finish applied by specialist brushes and mini rollers. We also use a specialist furniture paint that can be mixed in any colour in a semi matt or satin finish. Our clients are always amazed at how good our finish is when completed, and quite often pass the comment that they didn’t realize they wouldn’t see brush marks and it looks like its been sprayed. But in truth this is how a bespoke hand painted kitchen should look if the work is carried out by a experienced kitchen painter. Unfortunately there are many so called kitchen painters who just dont have the expertise and the back ground in hand painting kitchens to produce a showroom finish like this, Its the same old story buyer beware if it sounds to cheap compared to other quotes you have had, it is. There’s a high probability that they basically haven’t got a clue what they are quoting on, timewise they allow around a week for the average 20 door kitchen. We always allow for 2 weeks because we’ve carried out the refurbishments and hand painting to literally 1000s of kitchens over the last 30 years and know exactly what it takes to produce a showroom finish. Also the specification they use is normally wrong, they dont carry out the preparation required and its not uncommon for clients to contact us after having there kitchens turned into a train wreck by a so called specialist kitchen painter, complaining that the paint finish is scratching off after only a few weeks, is there anything we can do to put it right. The anwser is yes we can put it right but if they would of used our services in the first place,they wouldn’t of had the problem and now it will cost them more to put the failed paint finish right.

Mar 28, 2024 5 ***** Review

by James M on Paul C Barber Decorations

Tom Howley Kitchen Refurbishment

Paul Barber Jnr, and his father Paul Barber Snr. Super professional service, workmanship of the highest quality. The quality of the painting is first rate, far superior to the original finish from Tom Howley. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough, if you are in any doubt about having your kitchen repainted then do not worry these guys really deliver.

Here is a link to a Tom Howley refurbishment we carried out in Blunham, Bedfordshire. Click the link to view the full case study.

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