Hand Painted Pine Kitchen Furniture Northampton

ecton hand painted pine kitchen beforeecton hand painted pine sink unit before

This project was quite a challenge 15 years of wax build up to remove prior to painting, 1st job was to check the doors and drawers and ease as required, i then removed all the doors and started the stripping of the old wax coatings, i scraped off as much wax as i could by running the back edge of a filling knife across the surfaces making sure to scrape with the direction of the grain in the pine, the next job was to sand back to clean bare wood until all the old wax was removed.It was then cleaned down with Krud Kutter a perfect cleaner for this job, just about removes anything prior to painting.sink unit ecton after


I then applied shellac knotting to the bare knots and a 1st coat of zinsser coverstain oil based primer, the doors and the end panels required quite a lot of minor filling and sanding before i applied a 1st coat of water based feelings furniture paint undercoat, now ready for the two top coats of feelings semi matt finish a very durable furniture paint perfect for hard ware areas, mixed in a nice shade of green to match the Farrow & Ball colour card after sanding with finishing paper between coats and the removal of dust with tack clothes.

The final job was to refit the doors, stain and polish the oak handles and fit.

The paint was supplied by Holmans Specialist Paints Ltd based in Swindon, A great company to deal with and who can match a colour you reqiure to any of the current colour pallets in the market place.

ecton hand painted pine kitchen after

The finished Kitchen


Watch Our Video On A Hand Painted Kitchen Demonstration.







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