This was a solid  Oak Bespoke Hand Made Kitchen in Cambridgeshire that i completely refurbished from Oak to a Hand Painted Satin Finish.


This Beautiful Kitchen Was In Molesworth, Cambridgeshire 


Bespoke Oak Kitchen Transformed to Hand Painted Little Green Lamp Black

The Client loved the Quality and the design and layout of the furniture and realalized it would cost many thousands of pounds to replace with a new kitchen to the same standard. The only thing they  where not happy with was the Oak finish and colour and decided to look into the possibility of having the furniture refurbished and Hand Painted.

They searched on Google and found my web site, And after contacting me sent me photos and information on the project by email, I was then able to supply them with an Estimate for the work which if they where happy with i would follow up with a site visit. After my site visit i was able to confirm my Estimate as a fixed Quote and arrange a start date for the work.

I also recommended a local Kitchen Company to carry out further refurbishments, New work surfaces, New ovens, New Dish Washer and a couple of alterations to the furniture, Bells of Northampton have been astablished for over a 100 years and are very well known for the Quality of there Kitchens, We have  carried out all there Hand Painting requirements for over 10 years and if you would like to see examples of our work you can visit there Kitchen Showroom in Kingsthorpe, Northampton.   Nicholas Bell Hand Made Furniture @

This furniture required a full clean down, A complete sand down to all areas of the furniture, We then applied a shelac based adhesion primer which also acts as a stain block as the Oak can stain through the paint film, Tanning. The next step was to apply the 1st undercoat which we had mixed in dark grey, we then carried out any filling that was required, Quite a lot on this kitchen,  it Was then followed by a 2nd undercoat and completed with two top coats of furniture paint in a water based satin finish, The colour was Little Green Lamp Black mixed in a Tikkurila eqvilent which is the brand of paint we recommend and like to use  for a fine finish and durability. New hand made Bass handles where fitted to complete the refurbishment.

As you can see from the photos of the completed Kitchen it turned out rather well and looked like a new kitchen that the clients where delighted with.

moles fin 10  moles fin 4

moles fin 6

    moles fin 2

moles fin 5  moles fin 7

moles fin 8

The work would be GUARANTEED for 2 YEARS against any form of paint failure due to poor workmanship or faulty materials.

If you would like a free estimate for your kitchen please email me direct at and i will send you the information you require.

Here’s another really nice project we carried out to this Chalon Bespoke Kitchen from there Chelsea showroom:

Hand painted Chalon Bespoke kitchen Northamptonshire

A video of how I refurbish kitchens




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