Hand Painted Maple Bedroom Furniture Northamptonshire

cupboards before

Highly polished this contact required a lot of prep, sanded back to bare wood to remove all polish and old coatings, i then applied Zinsser Bin shelac based primer knowing that this would 100% adhere to the surface and hold back any staining to the paint film.

cupboards after (2)

Next job was to fine fill any required areas , apply Helmi Furniture water based undercoat mixed in the top coat colour, i then applied 2 top coats on this contract the customer liked the estate eggshell finish by Farrow & Ball in off white,

chest before

I applied by brush and layed off with a laying off brush which works well with water based top coats, a good tip is to apply the paint as fast as possible to keep your wet edge open before laying off.

The result a nice new suite of bedroom hand painted furniture for a lot less then replacing with new furniture.

Chest After


Watch Our Video On A Hand Painted Kitchen Demonstration.


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