Hand Painted Limed Oak Kitchen Northamptonshire

Burton Latimer Before 1

This was a 10 year old limed oak kitchen which was looking a little dated but was in good order with solid oak doors.

It required a complete refurbishment, including the work tops which required sanding back to clean wood. They where then oiled in a dark oak colour before I applied two coats of hard wax oil, a very durable and attractive finish.

burton latimer after

The doors & drawers where removed and taken back to my work shop to be completed. This cuts down the time that the kitchen is out of service and only requires 2-3 days on site to complete the remaining areas of furniture. burton latimer before 2

When the doors & drawers are completed, it normally only requires 1 day to refit, the finish kitchen turned out really well and the customers where delighted, as you can see in the review posted on my websiteburton latimer display after

burton latimer after 2                                                            Basic CMYK

OUTSTANDING: REVIEW 1st published on www.paulcbarber.co.uk

When faced with the prospect of spending a small fortune to replace our fairly large oak kitchen with something brighter and modern , thankfully I found Paul on the Traditional Painter website and asked him to come and have a look. From that point on the advice, service and quality workmanship we have received has been outstanding. Paul is a very pleasant and flexible person and  has quite simply transformed our kitchen for a faction of the costs I could have been faced with.

I FULLY RECOMMEND HIM !  Mr Richard Preston  Burton Latimer

Watch Our Video On A Hand Painted Kitchen Demonstration.


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