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Buntingford is a market town and civil parish in the district of East Hertfordshire and county of Hertfordshire in England. It lies next to the River Rib and is located on the historic Roman roadErmine Street. As a result of its location, it grew mainly as a staging post with many coaching inns and has an 18th-century one-cell prison known as The Cage, by the ford at the end of Church Street. It has a population of 7879, as of the 2021 UK census.

This is a recent refurbishment Paul Ian Barber Traditional Painters recommended specialist kitchen painter carried out in the lovely old historic market town of Buntingford in East Hertfordshire. Paul also works across most of the shires north of London and covers the A1 corridor from Cambridgeshire to the M25. If you are in a London post code Traditional Painter also has 2 recommenened specialist kitchen painters based North and South of the river Thames.

Apart from painting oak kitchens we also regularly carry out the hand painting to Pine, Maple, Walnut & MDF kitchens. We have 100s of examples of kitchens we have refurbished over the years across the Shires, Home Counties and London. In fact we will travel more or less to any area in the UK, as I write this case study im actually working on a bespoke Chalon kitchen down in Newport , South Wales. The client had contacted Chalon direct but decided to go with us to carry out the refurbishment. The client Jennifer actually told me it wasn’t to do with cost it was the way I had dealt with her enquiry from day one to the completed project.  She told me that she realised after talking to me I was a very accomplished professional kitchen painter who was obviously very passionate about his work. I gave Jennifer advice on colour trends and handle styles and also sent her serval small hand painted colour samples. I have found this works really well with our clients and much better then just picking from colour swatches. You actually see the exact colour and finish you will have on your furniture and can veiw them under various different light conditions. This is a free service that we offer to our agreed quotations once a small booking deposit has been received. 

we have carried out many refurbishments over the last few years across Hertfordshire, we also work across most other areas of the Shires including Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire & Oxfordshire . Here is just one example of a full refurbishment carried out in King’s Langley, Hertfordshire we recently carried out.

Buyer Beware

Throughout our the website we demonstrate to homeowners, keen DIY and trade how our professional kitchen painters prepare and paint wooden kitchens to a showroom finish. The advice is based on the combined experience of dedicated specialists like Paul who have been applying their craft and pushing the envelope for many years. We don’t disguise how painstaking and thorough the process is, and share whatever trade information readers want to know. We actively encourage anybody to put their decorating mettle to the test. If all goes well with a fair wind on a good day, we know that inexperienced painters and keen home decorators can achieve very good results.

But what happens when things go wrong, or not to plan? What if the person you are trusting to paint your kitchen is guessing what to do next? What if they aren’t sure what paint system to specify? Or what if they follow an unproven hunch, not a time proven technique?

That is when you really wish you’d contracted the proven consummate professional to work on your kitchen.

Peace of mind is priceless

There is a lot more to painting kitchens than applying a smooth coat of paint. When you employ a Traditional Painter, like Paul and his son they will provide you with really high quality customer service, the workmanship will be great, and they will stand by their work. They also offer you the added backup of independent, legally binding Ombudsman protection, in the unlikely event that there is a problem they cannot solve. I don’t know of any kitchen painters offering this legally binding Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) option to their clients. Yet another added value item in Traditional Painter’s £100 a door pricing.

With the unlimited choice of colour and finishes it is essential that we Work very closely with our clients,  Part of the attraction of having your kitchen Hand Painted is that you can choose exactly what you want and not be the same as everyone else.  We will give you good, Honest advice and will put together colour sample boards to help you make your decision on colour and finish

How We Refurbish And Hand Paint Your Kitchen:

Once we have agreed a start date with you on day one will will strip out the kitchen, We remove all the doors & drawer fronts which are taken back to our workshop to be completed, This leaves us free to refurbish and paint the framework and carry out any repairs if they are required, On an inframe kitchen where the doors and drawers fit into the frame they will occasionally require to be eased before refitting, this would be carried out in the workshop, We firstly give the complete kitchen furniture a deep clean with degreaser, We then sand down and make good to any holes or cracks, Apply the adhesion primer normally mixed in the top coat colour. We then check again for any fine surface filling sand down again apply a 2nd primer undercoat if required, It is now ready for the final two top coats sanding down in between coats with very fine finishing pads , the dust is vacumed off and a tack cloth run over the surface to remove any traces of dust. We have followed this specification for many years and know that it works and can Guarantee your kitchen will look like its just come out of a showroom and will last you for many years to come.

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