Hand Painted Walnut Kitchen Furniture, Buckinghamshire

Here is a good before and after Hand Painted Kitchen In Buckinghamshire.
Paul has noticed a major increase in enquiries for his kitchen painting services.
Ordinarily he would be busy painting new installations, but these comprise only a fraction of the kitchen painting work he does now. Refurbishing & repainting existing kitchens is the core work for him, and Traditional Painters across the country.
If you are in Northants and have a kitchen to revive, email Paul a few photos to show the full extent of the kitchen. It is not critical at this stage, but if you know the substrate (wood, Laminate, Lacquered or waxed) let him know, share any ideas you have had for colours of finishes, do you want a change of handles etc? and he will do the rest and let you know everthing you need, before proceeding further.
If the budget, timescale ect fall in with your plans, you can take it from there and Paul will arrange to come and finalise all the details.
Paul has been in the trade 35 years and understands that over the long haul, it is all about hom sticking to his beliefs in highest quality and value, over trying to be the cheapest, or the fastest or the most average, or the one who can get away with least coats to get in and out. £100 to hand paint a door with special kitchen and furniture paint isn’t for everyone, but neither are the alternstives.Walnut Kitchen BeforeWalnut Kitchen After Painting

Watch Our Video On A Hand Painted Kitchen Demonstration.


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