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This recent project from Paul C Barber & Son , Traditional Painters covering Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire & Much of Cambridgeshire. Wooden Christchurch hand painted kitchen in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. Ordinarily it is a 2 week job to complete the hand painting to a showroom finish.


Christchurch kitchens are unprimed, The first job is to apply a shellac based primer to all areas of bare wood, The reason we use a shellac based primer is not just because it has brilliant adhesion but also is a stainblock, Tuplip wood which the frame work is made from can sometimes stain through the paint film, this primer will prevent that happening, We then rub down the complete kitchen, Fill were required and apply an undercoat, Flated down to a smooth finish we then apply two top coats of furniture paint mixed in any colour of your choice, The final job is to apply a finishing oil to the internal cabinets as they are unsealed.


A lot of thought has gone into ways of leaving clients with the minimum of disruption. For me the anwser is to remove the doors & drawer fronts and take them away to my workshop. With the frames fully exposed  and accessible, I apply the full “Prep and Paint” treatment to everything left in stiu. I then leave the clients in peace to complete the bulk of the work in my workshop . I keep everyone in the loop with process, and return to reinstall the kitchen, Finish any loose ends, Maybe fit new handles and leave the kitchen clean and ready for use

Really nice when we get such good feedback from our clients, makes all the hard work worthwhile:

Feb 4, 2023


by Mr Rowe on Paul C Barber Decorations
A True Craftsman

Paul and his team decorated our new kitchen by Handmade Kitchens of Christchurch. The painting quality is to an extremely high standard and we feel very fortunate to have a “showroom” finish for our new kitchen. Paul worked efficiently and with minimal disruption. We are delighted with the end result!

When we are asked to paint a Christchurch kitchen, we know it is at the lower end of the bespoke kitchen quality. The hinges arent great, the MDF panelling could be better, doors fit a bit tight, but it is what it is at their super competitive price points. In other words we know that to make it the best it can be , we need to take more time compared to a high end kitchen.But we know how to make a Christchurch kitchen sing.

Showroom quality hand painted Christchurch kitchen

At Traditional Painter we know how to achieve showroom quality finishes on a Christchurch kitchen. The first Christchurch kitchen in Traditional Painter history was hand painted way back in 2011. Traditional Painter has since painted literally 100s of there new installations across the UK, including there Esher showroom on serveral occasions.


Another recent completed Christchurch kitchen in Hertfordshire by Traditional Painters Paul C Barber & Son Christchurch Kitchen Hand Painted To Showroom level

Paul C Barber & Son offer a free 2 year Guarantee on all work carried out and also offer a price match service on like for like quotes from a specialist hand painting service. As full members of the long established network of specialist kitchen painters Traditional Painter, Paul & his son are also Licensed by Trading Standards.

Members are also covered by our Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) agreement with the Dispute Resolutions Ombudsman licensed by Trading Standards.In the unlikely event of a complaint about our workmanship, clients will be referred to our 2-step complaints procedure. We are legally bound to follow their recommendations. If in doubt about who you are employing, CONTACT PAUL AT TRADITIONAL PAINTER FOR GENERAL ENQUIRIES

View our gallery of recent completed projects including many Christchurch kitchens painted across the Shires. Gallery Completed Kitchen Refurbishments

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Contact Paul for a free non-obligation quotation mailto:enquiries@paulcbarber.co.uk

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