Christchurch Kitchens are supplied unprimed and untreated with  MDF panels and tulip wood framework.

This new installation was in Tring, Hertfordshire we also cover Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire & Bedfordshire for Traditional   probably the longest established website in the UK specialising in Hand Painting Kitchens and furniture to the highest possible standards. If Christchurch kitchens are painted by our specialist they will look stunning like a showroom finish, After many years of  working in the Hand Painting world we have tried and tested methods of working and know exactly what is required including a vast knowledge of the most up to date materials and paints to achieve the perfect finish for our clients on every project. At Traditional Painter,  the founding principle was to do the very best work we know how . And we do know how! We charge for the time it takes to do a job right, no corners cut, best paint, best practices. 

Just to be clear though we will give you a fixed quote for the work.

Our approach also ensures that we Work primarily for those clients who understand and are willing to pay for specialists who will go the extra mile and never leave a job before it has been completed to showroom quality.


In recent years we have noticed a large amount of enquiries from clients who are in the process of purchasing a kitchen from Hand made kitchens direct, With my son Paul Jrn we have hand painted several over the past few years in around the shires from Northampton down to the M25 . As a group Traditional painter have carried out the Hand Painting to hundreds of there new installations across the UK, Mark Nash one of our Traditional painters is almost full time painting Christchurch kitchens in and around London and even painted there showroom displays in Esher down in Surrey.




Handmade Kitchens Direct where established in 2001 and have since become one of the largest supplier of hand made bespoke kitchens in the UK, There kitchens are solid and very well made from Tulip wood framework and MDF panels and are very competitively price, In my opinion of over 40 years involed  in the kitchen industry the two most important factors when purchasing a bespoke kitchen are the fitting and without any doubt the Hand Painted finish, Christchurch kitchens definitely require a specialist painter to achieve a showroom finish, They do require specialist knowledge and skills beyond the average Painter & Decorators normal working practices.



Christchurch kitchens are unprimed, The first job is to apply the adhesion primer to all areas of bare wood, The reason we use the adhesion primer is not just for the adhesion it also acts as a stain block, Tulip wood which the framework is made from can sometimes stain through the finished paint film we call this tanning. We then rub down the complete kitchen fill and make good where required and apply a undercoat if required, Flat down to a smooth finish we then apply two top coats of furniture paint mixed in any colour of your choice, the final job is to apply a finishing oil to the internal parts of the cabinets including the drawer boxes and shelves as they are unsealed oak veneer, This can also be a good quality furniture lacquer.


A lot of thought has gone into ways of leaving clients with the minimum of disruption. For me the anwser is to remove the doors & drawer fronts and take them away to our workshop . With the frames fully exposed and accessible , We can apply the full “Prep and Paint treatment to everything left in stiu. I then leave the clients in peace to complete the bulk of the work in our workshop. I keep everyone in the loop with process, and return to reinstall the kitchen , Finish any loose ends, Maybe fit new handles and leave the kitchen clean and ready for use.

What Next

If you need advice on Hand Painting your Christchurch kitchen , I am happy to explain how i would turn your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. You can ask for a full no-Obligation quote which i will supply free of charge.

Colours For Your Kitchen

With the unlimited choice of colour and finshes it is essential that we work very closely with our clients, Part of the attraction of having your kitchen Hand Painted is that you can choose exactly what you want and not be the same as everyone else. We will give you good, Honest advice and will put together colour sample boards to help you make your decision on colour and finish.

If you would like a free quotation for your kitchen its very easy just send us a few photos by email or whatsapp showing all items to be painted, We need to be able to see all doors and drawers so we can count them to cost, We can paint all types of wood including Oak, Pine, Walnut, Maple we also carry out repaints to painted kitchens.

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