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 Christchurch Kitchens are supplied unprimed and untreated with MDF panels and Tulip Wood framework.

 If they are Hand Painted by a specialist they can look stunning , Up there with many of the more expensive high end brands.



In recent years we have noticed a large amount of enquiries from clients who are in the process of purchasing a kitchen from Handmade Kitchens Direct. As we have Hand Painted quite a few of there kitchens, I thought i would share my opinion on them and the process we go through to produce a showroom paint finish.


Handmade kitchens Direct  have been established since 2001 , There kitchens are Tulip wood framework and MDF panels and are well built and very well priced for a Bespoke Kitchen.

When buying a kitchen like this the two most important factors are the fitting and the Hand Painting, This is where we are here to help,  I have been Hand Painting Bespoke kitchens since the early 80s and there is not much i have not seen or had to solve.





Christchurch kitchens are unprimed, The first job is to apply a shellac based primer to all areas of bare wood, The reason we use a shellac based primer is not just because it has brilliant adhesion but also is a stainblock, Tuplip wood which the frame work is made from can sometimes stain through the paint film, this primer will prevent that happening, We then rub down the complete kitchen, Fill were required and apply an undercoat, Flated down to a smooth finish we then apply two top coats of furniture paint mixed in any colour of your choice, The final job is to apply a finishing oil to the internal cabinets as they are unsealed.

Drawer Boxes and Internal cabinets require sealing with a finishing oil or a good quality furniture Lacquer:





A lot of thought has gone into ways of leaving clients with the minimum of disruption. For me the anwser is to remove the doors & drawer fronts and take them away to my workshop. With the frames fully exposed  and accessible, I apply the full “Prep and Paint” treatment to everything left in stiu. I then leave the clients in peace to complete the bulk of the work in my workshop . I keep everyone in the loop with process, and return to reinstall the kitchen, Finish any loose ends, Maybe fit new handles and leave the kitchen clean and ready for use.

What Next

If you need advice on Hand Painting your Christchurch kitchen, I am happy to explain how i would turn your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. You can ask for a full no-obligation quote which I will supply free of charge.

Here’s a link to another Christchurch New Installation we carried out in Radlett,  Hertfordshire,  Recently:

Hand Made Kitchens Of Christchurch, Traditional Painter

Thank you for taking the time to read this case study,  If your planning on purchasing a Christchurch Bespoke Kitchen you will need to book your fitting and Hand Painting at least 3-4 months prior to your delivery date, All we require from you are the plans and illustrations,  If you would like to email them to us we will send you back a full specification and quotation within 24 hrs free of charge.

Contact Paul at: enquiries@paulcbarber.co.uk

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