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Restoring badly hand painted & sprayed kitchens

Traditional Painter was established in 2012 aimed at predominantly providing the very best specialist Hand Painting service across the UK. Since then we have literally carried out the Hand Painting to 1000s of kitchens across the UK & Ireland. We have 20 specialist painters across the UK, From as far north as Scotland throughout England & Wales down to Cornwall.Find Your Local Specialist Painter Recommended By Traditional Painter.

The original network of  specialist kitchen painters in the UK. Our invitation-only members have since transformed literally thousands of older wooden and laminate kitchens around the UK. In many cases we save our clients  tens of thousands on the cost of a new kitchen. Our specialty is upgrading 10 – 20 year old oak and pine kitchens. We also regularly hand paint new installations.

In the 12 years since Traditional Painter was established we have seen many websites that have basically copied our format and costings appearing throughout the UK. Most tend to be spray services, some are fairly good but most offer a very poor service. Over the years we have received many enquiries from very unhappy clients who have used the services of these painters. Unfortunately they have had there kitchens painted by spray or hand to a very poor standard. Very little preparation , wrong materials used, full of orange pill or brush marks.Sometimes the paint finish is even scratching off after a few days of completion with finger nails. The clients ask us if we can put the work right, which we can but it does come at a cost. We would have to completely remove the failed coatings and sand back to a clean surface before any repainting can commence.

Here is a kitchen refurbishment Paul C Barber & Son carried out in Northamptonshire to a beautiful Chalon bespoke kitchen. It had been repainted by a so called specialist kitchen painter who delivered a train wreck of a job.

Chalon Kitchen Refurbishment In Northampton

Before: Removing the failed paint coating

Completed: To A Showroom Durable Finish That Will Last For Many Years To Come.

Here Is Another Example Of A Failed Coating Applied By Spray To A New Howdens Kitchen Installation. Very Little adhesion The Paint Was Scratching Off Very Easily.

Howdens Paintable Kitchen Sprayed With A Failed Coating.


Completed:To A Hand Painted Durable Paint Finish That Wont Scratch Off Guaranteed for 2 years against Fair Wear & Tear.

Members are also covered by our Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) agreement with the Dispute Resolutions Ombudsman licensed by Trading Standards.In the unlikely event of a complaint about our workmanship, clients will be referred to our 2-step complaints procedure. We are legally bound to follow their recommendations. If in doubt about who you are employing, TRADITIONAL PAINTER FOR GENERAL ENQUIRIES

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